Complete listing of videos

Prodigy has posted a series of videos showing an installation of the Prodigy Stage 1 kit being installed on a 2015 JK Wrangler.  After the completion of the Stage 1 kit, it was upgraded to a Stage 2.  Check out any or all of our videos to see how each step of the installation is actually done, most of them in real time.  Just click on the number or title of the videos below in red and you’ll go  right to our YouTube Channel!  855TurboJeep.

Prodigy Performance 3.6L Turbo Installation

Intro – (Length 9:06) This video shows the install vehicle briefly and shows all of the components of the kit.

#1 – (Length 11:12) Covers removal of intake system, removing the coolant tank, preparation of coolant system and hoses.

#2 – (Length 11:22) Covers removal of upper intake plenum, lower intake manifold, disconnecting and preparations for removing stock fuel injectors.

#3 – (Length 13:55) Removing the heater and coolant lines, removal of oil cooler and installation of turbo oil source assembly.

#4 – (Length 5:14) Removing stock fuel injectors and installation of custom Prodigy fuel injectors.

#5 – (Length 10:29) Removing PCV lines, removing oil cooler, cleaning and installing oil feed line.

#6 – (Length 5:23) Reinstalling the lower intake manifold.

#7 – (Length Removal of PCV system and installation of cooling hoses and set up of new PCV system.

#8 – (Length 9:05) Removing oil pan, drilling hole for turbo drain fitting and re-installing modified oil pan.

#9 – (Length 4:19) Removing OEM pipes, Removing PCM, and attaching coolant hoses.

#10 – (Length 17:09) Installation of oil feed and oil drain flanges, installing turbocharger and wastegate to pipes. Proper order to install pipes

#11 – (Length 4:59) Cooling connections, adding coolant bleeding coolant system, using bleed fitting.

#12 – (Length 6:17) Installing intake plenum, air filter, re-attaching brackets, routing hoses for air filter and oil feed.

#13 – (Length 7:17) Connections on throttle body, installing pcv to plenum, installing MAP sensor and adapter, installing turbo blanket and coolant tank.

#14 – (Length 6:54) Installation of wastegate sensing line, intake charge pipe & hoses, intake air temperature sensor, oil pan drain ftiitng, turbo drain hose.

#15 – (Length 8:52) Installation of O2 sensors, fitting transmission lines, cleaning pipes, initial startup.

#16 – (Length 8:23) Upgrade from State 1 to Stage 2, positioning turbo, removing power steering reservoir, removing factory transmission cooler and lines.

#17 – (Length 13:07) Preparing vehicle for intercooler installation and mounting intercooler.

#18 – (Length 5:52) Mounting and Installing transmission cooler and hoses.

#19 – (Length) 7:42) Installing intercooler and attaching silicone hoses.

#20 – (Length 6:33) Re-fitting power steering reservoir and removal of OE power steering hose and replacing with Prodigy power steering hose line.

#21 – (Length 7:56) Installing Blowoff valve, vacuum lines and hoses.

Changing a Wastegate Spring – (Length 2:10) Shows how to remove wastegate spring and replace with different sized spring.

Coolant Tank Installation – (Length 4:19) Shows how to prepare for alternate location for installing coolant tank reservoir.

Pipe installation – (Length 19:32) Shows removal of OEM pipes and installation of Prodigy pipes and connections to intercooler.

Tuning – (Length 14:57) How to use Diablo tuner to send and receive backup tune via email, writing to vehicle and steps to take a data log.

Transmission Line – (Length 1:26) Mounting and installation of Transmission Line.’

Map Sensor – (Length 2:31) Proper installation of your MAP sensor, as well as common mistakes and errors.