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Black Dog Mods has the Largest Selection of Jeep Wrangler Mods, Parts, Gear, and Accessories at the Absolute Lowest Prices!


Black Dog Mods was only a thought in our founder’s head back in early 2015. His passion for Jeep brand vehicles started back in the mid-90’s as a teenager growing up in a very rural area of Pennsylvania where off-roading was very much a way of life. That passion has continued to build inside him and finally a chance in life gave him more time to pursue his true interests in giving back to the off-road community. As a 4 time Jeep brand vehicle owner who has modified and customized Jeep Wrangler vehicles his whole life he knew his biggest problem was finding unique mods and parts at low prices. It seemed as though every Jeep parts site carried just a few manufacturer’s products so he would have to go around to a bunch of different sites just to find the right mods at the lowest prices. He was tired of needing a notebook next to him just to shop for parts! He decided a Jeep Wrangler vehicle parts site that allowed customers to find products from every manufacturer would make it easier for not only himself, but for every Jeep brand vehicle owner. It was important for him to create a central place that Jeep brand vehicle owners could trust to find the biggest selection of Jeep Wrangler vehicle parts, mods, gear, and accessories at the best deals. His idea finally came to fruition after many sleepless months on July 29th, 2015 when Black Dog Mods was launched.



We are all too familiar with the Jeep wave. We love Jeeps, and we understand it is a passion and a lifestyle. What better way to individualize yours than with unique custom parts from Altitude Jeep! Thanks to some great next door neighbors, we were introduced into the Jeep family. Since then, we have fallen in love with Colorado and its trails. We understand that your Jeep is so much more than just a “Jeep.” Building it is an adventure with its ups and downs, but seeing it come to life and enjoying mother nature at its finest is like nothing else. But what makes your Jeep, your Jeep? Anyone can lift it, but what makes you stand out? We became addicted to accessorizing our Jeep, and we know what its like wanting to make it your own. Our goal is to bring you the most unique Jeep Wrangler parts at discount pricing. We want to make your Jeep much more than just your Jeep. Build it the way you want, stand out.

Located in Littleton, CO.



My Jeep journey began June 2013 when I purchased my first Jeep, a 2013 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited, Sahara Edition. Since that day, it has been an amazing, ever changing journey. Now I drive a 2015 JKU Rubicon.  I am the mother of two amazing, energetic boys, who traded our mini-van for a black Jeep Wrangler Unlimited. As a stay at home mom I constantly battled with the changes that come with getting older. I struggled often with what will be my next great journey in life. That fateful day in June, as I drove my Jeep off the lot, was the kickoff to a great new adventure ~~ My Jeep Adventure. is about this adventure, as I discover how to reinvent my life, learn about Jeep modifications, enjoy my newly discovered passion for off-roading, and being a part of the great Jeep community. I love sharing all the wonderful things I discover about myself, and my Jeep. I work hard to share, in my own unique way, what I’ve learned, the mistakes I make, and the pure joy of owning a Jeep. My hope is to inspire some changes in your life, to not let another day slip by not doing the things you love and enjoy ~~ to inspire others to live their lives to the fullest… to live with no regrets. I love camping, hiking, off-roading, dancing, classic rock, running, action movies, card games, board games, exploring American cities, mom’s night out, and a nice glass of wine. This bumpy road to discovery, although scary at times, has also brought much happiness to my life, as I discover a new purpose and passion by embracing this new journey and adventure. I have pushed through my fears and forged forward using my new motto “I Got This”. Even though I am on this Jeep Journey alone, I have met some awesome friends along the way, and look forward to meeting many more. It’s a little time for me — getting healthy, enjoying the great outdoors, getting fit, living simple, clean eating and of course living the Jeep Life.

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