Let’s take it back to 2008, our owner and founder, Wes, had just finished a 5.7 HEMI swap for a local customer with a 4-door Wrangler. After many, many labor hours and fabrication, thousands of dollars spent, the performance result was lack luster to say the least.
There had to be a better way…a way to achieve more power and torque than a v8 swap for less effort in the garage, and less money out of you bank account. And like that, the 3.8 turbo system was born…
Right out of the box, our Stage 2 system is making more power than a 5.7 HEMI swap. Just to put things into perspective, a stock 3.8 maybe puts down 130 horsepower to the wheels (on a good day). Our 3.8 Stage 2 turbo system is a 7 PSI system that is good for an average 280 horsepower to the wheels, and around 320 ft/lb of wheel torque. That’s more than double the output of the factory motor with just our Stage 2 system installed, nothing else!
But why stop there? Enter the Stage 3 turbo system. The Stage 3 system is a 12 PSI system good for an average of 350 horsepower to the wheels and 400 ft/lb of torque. And yes, this is still a fully stock 3.8 motor with factory internals! However, due to the power limitations of the stock automatic transmission, this system must be used with either a manual transmission or a built automatic from ATS Diesel. 
So we’ve talked about the power output differences between Stage 2 and 3, but how is such a big difference possible? Simple. Turn up the boost! The Stage 3 turbo system includes everything the Stage 2 system comes with, but adds the supporting mods necessary to run it safely. ARP head studs, a high-flow fuel pump, 180 degree thermostat, new gaskets and performance spark plugs. As always, the proper tune is also included and supported for the life of the vehicle.
Already own a Prodigy Stage 2 3.8 system? Fear not, as long as your vehicle meets the transmission requirements, your system is completely upgradable. Call us for pricing!
Experience why our 3.8 customers are some of our happiest!