I know what you’re thinking. MORE MAINTENANCE?! As if the occasional oil change and tire rotation aren’t already overwhelming enough. Another responsibility may set you over the edge! Well you’re in luck. Not only is our kit 100% bolt-on ready, but it’s also virtually maintenance free. Our kit does not require any separate oiling to maintain optimal performance. Instead, the system is already integrated in your Jeeps natural oil pattern. In addition, this does not increase your frequency at which you’re required to change your oil.

Unlike some other systems such as superchargers. Whereas, these systems work on a series of pulleys and gears to turn. These parts require much more attention and maintenance due to inevitable wear and tear. Types of systems such as these have many more moving parts therefore,  yield a higher potential of breaking or not working properly. If this route is chosen be prepared to spend some time either under the hood or at the shop!