Jeep Wrangler Accessories And Parts

Jeep Wrangler Accessories And Parts


Here at Prodigy Performance we offer a wide array of Jeep Wrangler accessories. As you may know not all Jeep Wrangler parts and accessories were created equally. There are dozens of aftermarket parts out there, and even more manufacturers. Remember what works for you may or may not work for somebody else, keep in mind what your intent is and what YOUR needs and desires are and buy accordingly.

For those of you who are new to the Jeep scene, as well as those more experienced. This is an excellent guide to start building your wish list for Jeep Wrangler parts, add ons, and accessories. This guide will breakdown the majority of Jeep Wrangler parts and accessories on the market giving you guidance and clarity when deciding what you want for your Jk Wrangler! The guide starts with performance enhancing Jeep Wrangler parts, as we feel it is most important to allocate your budget to performance first. The list will then breakdown the top Jeep Wrangler accessories on the market. Products include off road accessories such as winches and body armor as well as the smaller essentials such as, grab handles and door inserts.

If you're in search of the top performance mods and add-ons for your Jeep Wrangler we are your one stop shop. Specializing in the most powerful forced induction system for your Jk to date. Our turbocharger systems are in a league of their own, you can safely expect to increase your current horsepower and torque by 90 to 120 percent! Additionally, if you're looking to perform your own build we are the leader in Pentastar performance parts. We carry everything from block guards, pistons, custom rods, and head studs all of which are used to supplement performance applications. With our forged internals you will have the confidence in your next build to exceed limits you thought were impossible. We offer a full tech team for support, so if you have any questions about performance enhancing applications then feel free to call us for any advice or recommendations! Nonetheless, enjoy the list we have constructed and feel free to comment for any other reviews or breakdowns you would like to see on this list!



Looking for the best all around performance upgrade for Your Jeep Wrangler? Look no further. Prodigy Performance Turbo kit is designed to eliminate all of those everyday situations Jeep owners face when it comes to lack of power. Many people don’t get the chance to truly enjoy driving their Jeep as a daily driver. The struggle is only worsened after you add hundreds of pounds from aftermarket parts. Your Jeep may become sluggish, unresponsive, or simply not an enjoyable driving experience. When it comes to power, performance, and reliability we stand in a league of our own. There are others who claim to be superior but simply lack when it comes to real world results. Many claims from our competition state that there are “noticeable gains” do you really want to invest in a product that may or may not even be able to produce noticeable gains in power? With our kit we can assure you the power WILL be felt. You can expect 90%-120% increase in both horsepower and torque. Its like having two Jeeps in one! Make the right informed decision the first time around. Time and time again we see Jeep owners wasting their money on other performance adders just to Ripp them off and install ours.

#2 | GEARS


Time and time again we see people increasing their tire size, adding a lift kit but NOT re-gearing! The most important parts of your vehicle are the parts you never see. Most vehicles are already ‘under-geared’ so the vehicle runs at lower RPM’s on the freeway. Thus, increasing the manufacturer mpg. Even the slightest of increased tire size will alter the RPM at which your Jeep was initially designed to shift gears. In return this leads to a multitude of issues such as; wearing out your transmission and drive train pre-maturely, decreased gas efficiency, and power loss just to name a few. A well educated re gear will result in power, longevity, and efficiency for your Jeep Wrangler! By using better materials, better machining and better lapping and heat treating processes, Nitro can ensure a strong, quiet-running, long-lasting setup. Each new product is subjected to multi-point inspections and then actually installed and set up by Nitro's own in-house differential experts to ensure excellent fitment and easy setup. At Nitro we strive to meet our consumers demands for new ratios and applications and we are continually developing new products to stay ahead of the competition. Nitro gears are among the best quality in the industry.

#3 | TUNER


Tuners are a great way to get your Jeep driving and performing the way you want it. By default your Jeep is set to the manufacture factory settings. This leads room for potentially more power or increased miles per gallon, the two go hand and hand. They're not going to add any sort of crazy power but they're are great for those who like to be in control of the small details. Going on a long trip and don't need substantial power, set your tuner to economy mode and reap the benefits of increased miles per gallon. Alternatively, if you simply want some more pep or power than you can program these devices to push your Jeep a bit harder, typically at a cost of decreased mpg. All in all, tuners are great for anyone who wants to conservatively make the most out of their Jeep. The changes are somewhat subtle but for those who can dial in your perfect setting preference will be the most happy with this product.

#4 | HOOD


Jeep Wrangler hoods are just as unique as their owners themselves. Some allow for venting which may cool the engine a bit faster allowing for additional airflow and cooling advantages. While others provide aesthetic upgrades based of ones preference. Whichever route you go whether you keep it stock or upgrade keep in mind the construction of your hood in regards to materials used. Also ensure proper sizing for your specific year Jeep to make sure you are guaranteed a perfect fit. This hood by far is one of our favorite Jeep Wrangler accessories. The construction of this hood is unsurpassed. Every curve has been purposely forged and fabricated with strong attention to detail. The hood evokes a rugged yet powerful appearance that perfectly conveys whats lying under the hood after installing one of our Jeep Wrangler Turbo kits. This upgrade features a fierce-looking scoop with a unique bezel. In addition, by default the Rubicon 10th Anniversary hood comes ready to paint to ensure an exact match of your unique Jeep Wrangler paint color.



Side steps, also know as wrangler armor. When driving on trails, big rocks, and other obstacles there is a high chance for damage to your Jeep Wrangler. These side steps provide not only a convenient step to assist yourself and passengers when entering and exiting your Jeep. But also, adds a necessary level of protection when using your Jeep for more rigorous off-roading adventures. Dings, scratches, and dents are almost inevitable when off-roading in your Wrangler. Be sure to protect your Jeep and invest in proper safety gear such as sides steps, body armor, etc. Keep your rocker panels from being beaten to a pulp on the trail with Rugged Ridge's Side Armor. Built from heavy-duty 2 x 0.120 inch black texture powder coated steel tubing, these guards will take the beating that was meant for your body sheet metal. Simple bolt-on design utilizes existing body mount locations for a secure, rattle free installation. The black texture finish resists scratches and gives a slip-resistant surface for door entry. Sold as a pair and includes all necessary installation hardware. Will not fit factory rock rail option. This item carriers a 400lb max weight limit.



Rigid Industries is by far the leader when it comes to offload LED lighting. The D series are their bread and butter in our opinion. They are equipped with rugged housing and heavy duty heat sinks, not to mention a custom molded seal. These lights are the ultimate compact lighting package, they can virtually fit anywhere you need them to. Not only are they constructed to last they also have the most optimal performance. These lights sport a combination of lens and reflectors, the hybrid optics system capture the maximum amount of light emitted from the led and projects it exactly where you want it. They're so compact and versatile you can use them for any of your automobile needs, this includes in your truck bed, motorcycle, tool box, and more. When shopping for a Jeep wrangler light bar or cube be sure to do your research and make a smart informed decision the first time around and go with a Rigid Industries product! The Flood version of our Hybrid optics system is a great option if you're looking for a good area light. While offering just over half the distance of the Spot version, the Flood provides twice the area coverage. The Flood is perfect for those looking for an area light at an affordable price. All Rigid Industries LED lights receive a high quality powder coat finish, a custom-molded rubber seal, and an unbreakable, scratch resistant lens. Rigid Industries LED lights are engineered to withstand whatever you, the road, or nature can throw at them.



Must have for all Jeep Wrangler owners. This product is such a simple yet convenient Jeep accessory, this kit eliminates the need for the factory hood prop rod. No more need for propping up the hood with a space invasive bar. Simply lift the hood and watch as the opening is gently automated. Great for anyone who spends time under the hood of their Jeep. This is especially helpful for those with a lifted Jeep.



There are many variations on grab handles and also grab rails. The main differences are going to be overall construction as well as design. Some feature a wrap around design which will securely and simply install on your Jeeps frame. These handles will come in a variety of constructions such as paracord construction which seems to be a popular option nowadays. Our personal preference would be a grab handle constructed out of nylon webbing for sturdiness and durability and finished with rubberized handle for comfort. While on the other hand, there is another option being metal grab rails. These grab rails are typically mounted closer to the windshield so they are not in the way of passengers heads, if mounted in a poor location be prepared to have some unhappy passengers as well a few bumps yourself! Thinking about taking your Jeep off-road? Or maybe you already have and realized that you might need something to hold on to. Be sure to pick up yourself a pair of grab handles! This specific model is one of the most well constructed on the market. Made out of high quality neoprene these handles will endure whatever dirty adventures you can throw at them. They can support massive amounts of weight so don't be afraid to hold on for dear life! These guys can definitely withstand the abuse.



I have a bumper! Why would i need a shiny new metal one, aside from the high quality complete look it gives my Jeep Wrangler? Personally, I equip all my Jeeps with steel bumpers they're much more aesthetically pleasing and serve great purpose beyond just looks! A standard Wrangler bumper may not be able to withstand the immense amounts of force that the Jeep is required to endure when being towed out of a muddy situation. A winch must have a sturdy base to latch onto with a winch hook. Without this rugged steel construction your Wranglers stock bumper may be compromised. There are plenty of options out there find which one suits you best. In addition the sturdier design will protect your Wrangler much better when coming into contact with rocks, obstructions, and other Jeeps! Here is a great example of a steel bumper that we highly recommend. The 10th anniversary lineup doesn’t fall short of amazing, the quality of these parts are made up to the manufactures specs. Resulting in an almost seamless pairing with the original Jeep Wrangler body. Not only does it exceed quality and appearance. There is no need to worry about parts not lining up properly or inconsistent constructicon 10th Anniversary not disappoint. Fully equipped with a complete steel construction these bumpers also include; a textured black finish which is E-coated and powder coated.



Jeep Wrangler soft tops are indeed a necessity. The true versatility a Jeep has to offer is incomparable. Hard top, soft top, no top. All are interchangeable and usually done depending on the season and or mood. This particular soft-top sports the eye catching fast back design which is not very common for most soft tops. This unique versatile top fits snuggly over the factory roll bar and works with your factory door surrounds and tailgate bar, delivering a uniform air-tight fitment with an aerodynamic style all its own.



There is many different types of body armor available for Jeep Wranglers. Such as thick cut steel rock guards, bumpers, and step rails. One of our personal favorites is the magnetic body armor. These panels magnetically adhere directly to the sides of your Wrangler. This easily removable 9 piece kit was designed to provide full coverage for the body of your Jeep. This is especially useful for protecting your Jeeps crisp paint job from tree limbs, gravel, and other inevitable encounters. Aside from the obvious protection these provide, i find them aesthetically pleasing as well and pair nicely with any color rig you may have.



Take full advantage of your Jeep's off roading capabilities by allowing you to carry up to 2 full size bikes. This system is designed specifically for your Jeep Wrangler, the device seamlessly attaches to your Jk's spare tire. Not only is it convenient but it is also a breeze to install. This bike rack for your Jeep Wrangler yields a very simple installation, simply follow the instructional video below compliments of youtube. This is a must have for all cyclists, whether you spend your time off road exploring the trails or fulfilling your need for speed on the pavement this product is a must have.

#11 | WINCH


When partaking in off-roading adventures the inevitable will occur. That being your Jeep either getting stuck in an obstacle or terrain. This is one of the worst case scenarios especially when off roading by yourself. Always bring a buddy! In case you do not abide by these rules you, better have a winch that can be attached to a tree or another stable structure, from there you can be pull your immobilized vehicle out from the rut! Here is a Rugged Ridge Heavy Duty 8,500 LB winch which is our top seller due to it's power and pricing. This winch is by far the best bang for your buck, starting at $299 you can't go wrong with this work horse of a winch.


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