3.6 Pentastar Performance Parts

3.6 Pentastar Performance Parts


Are you looking for the Ultimate 3.6 l Pentastar engine? We are proud to offer a fully assembled ready to install complete engine. Here are the details. During our extensive testing, we found the new 3.6 Pentastar aka “the Phoenix” to be an incredible engine in almost every way. It truly is a modern Titan, coming equipped with 4 Camshafts, Continuously Variable Valve Timing, dual stage oil pump, virtually silent timing chains all stuffed in an all-aluminum light weight configuration. The standard bore is 96mm and stroke is 83mm. Compression ratio coming in at a stout 10.2:1. The engine is also factory equipped with piston squirters that spray oil onto the bottom of the pistons to cool the piston and help prevent detonation. 6 bolt mains keep the bottom end stable. Starting from this incredible design we upgraded a few components to aid forced induction durability and longevity.



First, we needed to replace the cast aluminum pistons. Diamond Racing pistons are the premier pistons on the market today. Our Diamond Pistons are forged from 2618 low silicon Alloy making them ideal for high load, high stress forced induction applications like turbocharging or supercharging. We increased the distance between the top compression ring and the top of the piston adding much more durability. The pistons are skirts are coated with a spray-on dry film that helps reduce friction and inhibit galling during initial break in. Cylinder sealing is one of the most important parts of making immense power. Piston rings are very important. They must control air and fuel from escaping the combustion chamber, keep oil from entering the combustion chamber and transfer heat from the piston to the cylinder wall. Diamond Racing went 1 step further and equipped our proprietary pistons with incredible 1mm x 1.2mm x 2.5mm piston rings, even including a Gas Nitrided top ring! Making this custom piston for the 3.6l Pentastar engine in a league of its own.



Second, we decided to upgrade the factory “I” beam rod with an incredible “H” beam billet rod engineered specifically for Prodigy Performance by Carillo. Carillo offers zero compromise in everything they do. Take a look at the difference between the factory forged rod and the Billet H beam Carillo rod. In this case, the picture says a lot. Our 3.6 l Pentastar engine forged connecting rods also come equipped with ARP rod bolts.



Next, the factory open deck could use some reinforcement. The 3.6l Pentastar engine is equipped with a “open deck” design. This leaves the cylinders floating at the top and not reinforced. Under extreme conditions the lack of stability may allow cylinder distortion resulting in engine failure. We machined a press fit insert to stabilize the top of the cylinders. This block guard makes a difference under extreme boost levels.



Finally, to prevent a potential engine or head gasket failure we got with the guys over at ARP. They manufactured specifically for Prodigy Performance a set of head studs for the 3.6 Pentastar engine. This virtually eliminates the possibility of stretching the factory head bolts. ARP is the leader in engine fasteners. Our 3.6 l Pentastar engine is carefully balanced, bored and honed using cylinder torque plate. Professionally assembled in house and ready to install.
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