Can I Still Use My Jeep As A Daily Driver?

Can I Still Use My Jeep As A Daily Driver?

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Can i still use my jeep as a daily driver?

We get asked this question a lot. It’s a huge concern amongst Jeepers, and a good one at that. Did we develop this kit, with the intent to take our Jeep to the race track and smoke muscle cars and V8 hemi’s? No. But i can assure you its a whole lotta fun. You will have the potential to turn your stock Jeep into a race Jeep at your whim.

Let’s start with the basic function of a Turbocharger. It’s sole intent is to produce more power. Power that you have at your fingertips, or in this case your foot. This power is only generated once you reach a certain RPM. Therefore, its up to you when you want to enter the boost curve granted you stay under the rpm threshold. We offer two different turbos; Precision which spools up around 2500rpm and Garret which is around 3000rpm.

When driving in bumper to bumper traffic or any type of slow zone your turbo will not spool up. In addition, even if you're traveling at a higher speed you may continue to drive without the aid of the turbocharger as long as you drive conservatively. On the other hand if you'd like to boost brake at a red light or slam the throttle you will find yourself in the boost curve right away. Our kit is designed to eliminate all of those everyday situations Jeep owners face when it comes to lack of power. For example; merging onto the highway, traveling up a steep hill, or passing others on the road. This struggle is only worsened after you add hundreds of pounds from aftermarket parts. Once you have our kit installed you will find yourself eager to drive your Jeep again. We can guarantee an uncontrollable grin the second you initiate the boost. A Prodigy Turbo Kit makes your daily driver a much more enjoyable experience!

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