Turbo Jeep Off Road: Performance Overview

Turbo Jeep Off Road: Performance Overview


Many people think the solution to more low end power is to slap a supercharger on and call it a day. While this may assist you to a degree, you're far better off investing your money elsewhere. If more power off road is what you seek, the better money would be spent on gears and tires. Granted, your stock V6 Pentastar engine can produce more than enough power to get you up that obstacle, its traction and gearing that holds your Jeep back.

First and foremost it is imperative that your Jeep has proper tire to gear ratio. This can quickly be assessed and confirmed by visiting our article on Proper Gear Ratio Tire Size. By doing so this will allow your Jeep to produce the most efficient and optimal power when engaging in activities such as crawling and off roading. Quality Jeep Wrangler off road parts are hard to come by, here at Prodigy Performance we assure you that our turbo charger system will be beneficial on and off the trails.

Check out Rob's perspective in regards to his turbo Jeeps performance and usability when he is out on the trails. Rob has owned multiple Jeeps with various systems including superchargers. Here is what he has to say.


"When you're offloading you don't need that instantaneous power, thats how people usually get hurt. You want to build up to that power. So what you're doing , is when you're offloading you're wheeling. You're letting the vehicle produce the power it needs, and right about the time your vehicle cant make it or doesn't have that power is when the turbo actually kicks in, which gives you that continual power that you actually need to make it up that hill or get on that obstacle that you're trying to climb over or what have you. You’ll see guys argue back and forth which I'm sure is fine but i don't think you need that instantaneous power. And that's how people flip they get it up, give it gas and they flip these things over and wreck their vehicles. Where, you’ll need to roll up, you’ll know when you need power, and right about that time is when the engine is spooled up enough that you continually give yourself the power that you need to perform, get up obstacles climb hills, mountains, rocks whatever you're trying to climb up. You saw we went up in that 2 wheel drive just a second ago and we didn't stop because of a lack of power that’s for sure."
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