Jeep Wrangler JL Features 2018

Jeep Wrangler JL Features 2018

2018 JEEP JL

The 2018 JL Wrangler has been greatly altered, these changes may not be easily recognized by most. Although, for us Jeep owners the changes are apparent. Seems to be that Jeep is going more in the economical direction, this can be concluded based off of their aesthetic changes as well as their new engine options. Aerodynamics have been implemented in the new design as well as the new 4-cyclinder turbocharged engine option which yields higher performance and efficiency. Who would have known?! Here at Prodigy Performance we are indeed pioneers when it comes to turbocharging Jeep Wranglers and it seems that Jeep agrees. So with increased vehicle efficiency and performance in mind lets go ahead and discuss some of the aesthetic changes that have been made to the new JL Wrangler.


First off we will start with the grill. As always Jeep has maintained the 7 slotted grill used to represent the 7 continents. The slots on the end are a bit contoured due to the extra space the new receded headlights take up. The new stock Jeep Wrangler grill has a slightly racked back design intended to decrease drag and increase aerodynamics and efficiency. This is a minor change from the old Jk which sported a flat, vertical, more boxy design. This small design feature will not noticeably make your Jeep faster nor save you more gas, but with all of the other tweaks accounted for they will cumulatively increase miles per gallon and overall vehicle efficiency. Another feature regarding the grill are the receded LED headlights. These headlight sit 2-3 inches back giving the Jeep a much more discreet look.


The Jeep Wrangler JL LED lighting package is indeed a must buy. Most lighting packages offered only give you LED headlights. Jeep is extending that offer and includes high quality LED lighting for your head lights, tail lights, fog lights, and fender flare running lights/turn signals. Not only does this help illuminate the road to allow you to see further and more clearly while driving, but also gives your Jeep a more modern sophisticated look as well. JL is by far the most tech advanced model in the Wrangler line up to date, this LED light package is a nice finishing touch.


Similar to the new design of the grille, the Jeep Wrangler JL windshield has been altered slightly. The overall size of the windshield has not changed, the dimensions remain the same with one exception. The angle the windshield sits is a bit more racked back when compared to the Jk. At approx a 6 degree decline, Jeep has achieved a slightly more aerodynamic vehicle by implementing this change. Switching over to the functionality of the windshield, Jeep has simplified the process at which you can fold down the windshield. The process in the past consisted of numerous steps including removing multiple tiny nuts and bolts which led to be a very tedious process that many avoided. With the new JL windshield you can detach and lay down the windshield with much ease, simply by following a process similar to the act of removing the old Jk's roof panels. To conclude, slight alterations were made to both the functionality and the looks of the windshield which seems to be the trend in most of these new features!


The JL hood latch is completely redesigned. This new system was developed to prevent the old typical wear and tear your that was associated with the old hood latches. The new JL hood latches have fixed a multitude of issues such as the classic Jk "hood flutter". So they have not only improved the materials used, but as well as the functionality of the hood latches.


In the past there has been many complaints about Jeep not supplying a backup camera in any of their Jk models, Sahara and Rubicon included. We've nagged them enough on this issue and they have fulfilled our requests. Not only did they implement a back up camera. But they have equipped the JL's with one of the most powerful, best camera's on the market today! Not to mention the seamless design that is integrated in the middle of your spare tire. This backup camera has unlimited potential in regards to daily driving applications as well as utilizing this device off road! Now you can be more aware of your surroundings and not depend so much on a spotter when off roading. Jeep really went all out on this one!


The doors on the JL Wrangler have been altered both physically and functionally much like most of the new JL. At first glance you may not notice but upon further inspection you can see that a bevel has been added to the side profile of the Jeep. This gives the Jeep a bit more refined appearance that goes against the standard boxy design that we are accustomed to. Again, this is Jeep's attempt at making the Jeep brand in general more economical and aerodynamic. Now lets talk about the new JL door functionality. Before the JL, all Jeep Wranglers utilized a simple vinyl strap which was the mechanism used to open and close the door. There was no sort of system that assisted in the opening and or closing of the door. Now in the new JL they have implemented a mechanism which enables the door to be shut automatically once the door hinge reaches about 50%. This is a nice upgrade which gives the JL a much more modernized feel, which ultimately broadens the JL consumer market.


Jeep has rid the old school door handles which utilize a push button to open the door. In replace of, Jeep has introduced their new modernized door handle. Ditching the push to open feature, you now pull to open. This handle still retains a somewhat rugged feel to the touch and is indeed a nice upgrade. In addition, to changing the looks of the handle it is also important to note the new functionality. Starting with the sensor located on the inside of the door handle. Simply place your hand behind the handle and as long as your key is on you or within range the vehicle will unlock it's doors. Now you may notice the small button located on the front of the handle, this is going to be used to lock your Jeep upon exiting your vehicle. These features offer a lot of convenience and will be utilized on a daily basis. Alternatively, you may still use your key to lock and unlock your JL.


Sporting a fiber optic look thanks to the modern design and LED lighting packages, the new JL tail lights are unlike anything else! Jeep has been experimenting lately with their choice of tail light designs, take the Jeep Renegade tail lights for example; thinking outside the box their design is completely new by incorporating an X in the light design. We feel the inspiration carried over to the production of these unique JL tail lights. The look is clean and refined but yields a slight concern in regards to off roading. The light itself extends past the body of the Jeep about 3 inches. This may become an issue when off roading and could potentially snag obstructions. We have not tested this theory but can only imagine the possibilities based on the issues of the past where; Jeep owners would snag the license plate holder due to it's inconvenient positioning.
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