Power When you Need It!

Power When you Need It!

Prodigy Performance brings you the best, the most powerful, USA Made Performance parts for your 3.6L Pentastar Powered Jeep JK, JL and Gladiator!

Whether you are looking for more power, stronger components, digital Instruments, we have what you need!

Our Turbo systems are IN STOCK made right here in the USA! Our Turbo Systems for the JK, JL and Gladiator make MORE POWER than an $40k 392 Hemi swap, Supercharger, or LS Swap.

But its not just the more power, its where we make our power! If you have 35"+ Tires, a lift, bumpers and a winch. I am positive your daily driving is no longer fun and more on the frustrated side. When you have to contemplate if you can merge into highway traffic safely its time for an upgrade. We partnered up with Precision Turbo and designed the best Turbocharger for the 3.6L Pentastar to give you the power where you want and need it. Unlike the competition that makes all the power at 6300 RPM we make peak power around 3500 and carry that through to the end.

So when you need to pass, merge, or just get up and go all you need is a little push on the pedal and the turbo will spool, you will feel the torque push you into your seat, and all done with ease with about 30% throttle input.

What about if you want more power with our Turbo system or maybe a supercharger but want to ensure the engine can handle the additional power. Well this is where Prodigy Performance is more than just a Turbo System company! Our Engineers teamed up with Diamond Pistons, Carrillo Rods, and ARP to create a forged package with the best components you can buy. With a rating of 1500hp you can feel at ease when adding higher levels of boost to your 3.6L Pentastar Engine. Our Forged bundle is designed for more than just the Jeep wranglers. Our Forged bundle will work with your 3.6L Challenger, Charger, 300, Ram, with the Version 1 engine.

If you have a JL,JT, or a version 2 engine don't worry, we actually build these in house and lower the compression as well. Utilizing the same brand products that is in our forged bundle, Give us a call to get your engine on order!

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