Wastegate installation

Wastegate installation


As a Ultra High Performance enthusiast it is imperative we know how all these critical parts function. Anyone can throw together a bolt on Turbo System with instructions. What happens when you are presented options? Would you know which option to choose? In this quick article we are going to discuss just that.

Below are the manufacture recommendations on installing your Wastegate from Precision turbo & Tial


Different options to install your wastegate

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  • Installing your wastegate with a manual or electronic boost controller
  • Installing your Wastegate without a manual or electronic boost controller
These are the 2 ways the manufacture recommend to set up your wastegate. This is why it is important to understand how these Wastegates function. When not running a manual or electronic boost controller the Wastegates uses air pressure to overcome the spring tension that holds the wastegate valve closed. The tension of the spring installed in the wastegate determines the boost pressure of the engine. As long as the wastegate valve is closed the turbocharger speed will continue to increase until the sensing line applies enough pressure to overcome the spring tension and open the valve. The desired boost pressure and the selected wastegate spring are directly related. When utilizing a boost controller pressure is applied to the top of the wastegate delaying the valve from opening, effectively raising your boost levels. If you were to incorrectly route the Vacuum lines and block the top breather port you would ultimately eliminate the ability to overcome the spring and the forced air would continue to build uncontrollably. This will cause a catastrophic failure if you are not monitoring your system.

Here are signs to look for.

If you are faced with an Over Boost condition there are a few key things to look for that can save your from a catastrophic failure. First know what the forced induction system is supposed to produce at WOT. Lets call it 7lbs of boost, if you are testing out your WOT you want to roll onto the throttle and monitor the boost levels. If you notice you have achieved the 7lbs and you have more throttle to apply STOP there and check your installation. Second watch your AFR, if you install a forced induction system and it comes with a tune, you know the tune is designed to run at the preset Boost levels. If you noticed the levels start to go lean STOP and check your installation. finally, if you have no way of monitoring these items We would highly recommend bringing your vehicle to a dyno and having a professional review your installation of the system and Vacuum lines to ensure proper installation and have them data log their runs.

When you purchase a Prodigy Performance Turbo System we give you the instructions on how to route your Vacuum line as seen above. It is important to know which port you will connect the Vacuum line to as there are two available ports. If you follow the manufactures recommendations you will know the top port will be for a vent to atmosphere or manual boost controller and the bottom port will be for your vacuum source.

We hope this article brings you knowledge and inspiration to not just understand how something functions but to know why it functions in the way it does. That type of knowledge separates the enthusiast from the professionals.

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