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Sitting Wranglers: There's No Shortage Of 2018 Jeep Wranglers  


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11/10/2019 3:52 pm  
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The 2018 Jeep Wrangler JL is an improvement to the Wrangler in almost every way: It looks better, it performs better and it’s easier for the consumer to use. That’s not to say the previous generation, or JK in Jeep terms, was bad: We loved our long-termer. Despite being better in nearly every metric, it looks like there's a solid surplus of Wranglers on dealer lots.

According to a study by iSeeCars, the Wrangler takes the top two spots on a list for new vehicles with the highest 2018 inventory. The list takes only the 2018 models into account, which we should note includes both JK models and JL models. That said, if you just look at the sales numbers, the JL-generation Wrangler and its JLU four-door counterpart have been blazing the sales charts for Jeep creating record-high sales figures for the brand.

This surplus could point toward a few things: new Wranglers starting to taper, too many orders at the dealer level or the surplus ahead of the annual Wrangler slow down. Looking at the Wrangler sales figures over the past four years, there’s an interesting trend that takes place. Wrangler sales slump in winter months and boom in summer months. 

Still, it’s interesting to see Jeep sitting on a list of stagnant models when you consider how many more Wranglers have been going home to new owners. If these 2018 models keep sitting around lots, you might be lucky enough to have a dealer want to unload the thing. That means cash on the hood and a better bargain than you imagined.