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[Sticky] Ring & Pinion vs. Horsepower  


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03/10/2019 4:16 pm  
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Prior to installing the new ring & pinion on this 2012 Wrangler 6 Speed, we decided to throw it on the dyno before and after to see once and for all, if ring & pinion makes and difference in horsepower or torque to the wheels. This is all being done prior to the turbo kit installation for those wanting universal numbers anyone can expect from any Jeep.

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After the first run, our baseline horsepower peaked at 192 and torque peaked at 195. Those numbers are quite low, but keep in mind this Jeep is on some HEAVY 37" Nitto Mud Grapplers.

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We replaced the factory 3.21 gearing with a set of Nitro 4.10's. We went with 4.10 because we knew ahead of time we were doing forced induction on this vehicle and did no want to end up in a over-geared situation.

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