3.8 Stage 3 Tune Up

Morning Jeepers, Welcome to Turbo Educational Tuesday: 3.8 Stage 3 Tune Up! Every Tuesday you can expect an email, with it's very own unique testimonial statement. These are owners responses in regards to our turbo kit and their overall happiness with the product. See for yourself what consumers are saying, and feel free to reach out to us with any questions or concerns. Enjoy!


This 2011 3.8 Wrangler came to us from a customer over in Tampa who was concerned that the Jeep "just didn't feel like it used to" and performance was seriously lacking. With over 77,000 miles on the clock, we figured it was time for some critical maintenance.


Once we had the vehicle hooked up to the dyno, we were able to see a few concerning issues. The air/fuel ratio indicated we were running a bit lean and we had evidence of several misfires taking place. Making just 250 lbs of torque, we knew there was room for improvement.

Taking one look at the ignition system condition and it was clear what was the cause of the multiple misfires.


We replaced the coil pack, ignition wires, spark plugs and, ta-da, no more misfires. The next step was to get the tuning in check. Being an older system, we replaced the original Diablosport tool with a more advanced HP Tuners device and the results were astounding! 303 RWHP and 313 RWTQ @ 12 psi with an average AFR reading of 11.7!


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