Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us


Unbeatable Prices

Dollar for dollar you simply cannot find a kit that compares to the Prodigy Turbo Kits in terms of power and torque. Prodigy delivers THE MOST horsepower/dollar of any of the performance upgrades on the market today. With a Prodigy Turbo Kit in your Jeep you'll be able to see all of the supercharged and hemi swap Jeeps – in your rear view mirror! Check out our great prices on all your Jeep Performance needs.

Quality Products

Prodigy uses only the highest quality components in our Turbo Kits. From the Garrett Turbocharger to the Tail waste gates and blow-off valves, the TIG welded pipes, cotton covered hoses, fully banded stainless steel clamps, plug and play custom electrical connectors, computer matched fuel injectors, 4 ply silicone hoses we offer a kit that not only looks great, but performs great.

Customer Satisfaction

At Prodigy Performance, your satisfaction is important to us. Call us at 855-TURBOJEEP (855.887.2653). We're there for you.
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