Baer 4402000 Rear Brake Kit for 2007-2016 Wrangler

///Baer 4402000 Rear Brake Kit for 2007-2016 Wrangler
BAER 4402000

Baer 4402000 Rear Brake Kit for 2007-2016 Wrangler


This system features the S4 4-piston caliper mounted to a 12.2″ 1 piece (stock size) slot, drill, zinc plated rotor.  This system is designed to reuse the factory Jeep park brake assembly, and comes with Baer’s unique Verislide brackets to allow the 4 piston caliper to float with the stock C-clip axles.


SS$ Plus Brake kit comes with 13-inch rotors that are slotted and drilledfor better venting of heat, water, brake dust, and gasses
SS4 Plus rotors feature a two-piece design with aluminum center that offers the performance benefit of less rotational mass
Caliper housings feature a durable powder coat finish that is resistant to chips, grime, and brake dust
SS4 Plus calipers feature 4 pistons each for excellent braking performance
Calipers are a 1-piece design forged from a solid block of aluminum
Calipers come pre-loaded with ceramic brake pads that offer superior heat disbursement, longer life, quieter operation, and lower dust levels
Rear rotors include rear drum-in-hat style parking brake components and cables
Calipers are radially mounted to maintain greater stiffness under load – ensuring pads stay in alignment with the rotor and make a more even, superior level of contact
Calipers feature stainless steel pistons, caliper attachment brackets, and vibration dampening springs to ensure freedom from corrosion deterioration
Pistons within each caliper are staggered in size to minimize pad taper and uneven pad wear

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Black, Red, Silver


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