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Check out our Turbo System accessories to enhance your Turbo vehicle experience. These include Turbo Jeep Accessories, Twin Turbo Accessories, such as The Catch Can set up, Wide band and Boost Gauges. Because you own a Turbo Jeep or dodge Chrysler vehicle ensuring its longevity is key.  Catch Can systems will help eliminate the Blow by from recirculating into your intake and Turbo system. This will Extending the life of your Pentastar engine and Turbo System.

If you are looking for more power for your 3.6 Pentastar engine, we have what you want and need! check out our custom designed Diamond pistons, Carrillo Rods, and ARP headstuds. Next time someone ask you how much Boost you are running, you can respond to them “all the boost!”

Accessories such as an unlocked ECM could open up the capability to tune your N/A Dodge or Chrysler as well, maximizing the vehicles potential.

3.8 Jeep guys we also have forged Pistons for you as well, rebuilding the engine or adding more boost to your Jeep? Ensure a better piston ring seal and stronger piston with Diamond Pistons.

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