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////Jeep JL Wrangler Turbo Kit
PRO-3002   2018+

Jeep JL Wrangler Turbo Kit






Looking for the Ultimate Power Adder? Prodigy Performance currently holds all Horsepower and Torque records for 2007- 2011 3.8L JK Wranglers, 2012-2018 3.6L JK Wranglers, 2018 3.6L JL Wrangler, and the 2020 3.6L JT Gladiator! We offer the best performing and highest quality forced induction kit for your Jeep Wrangler. The name Prodigy Performance is synonymous with Power, Performance and Reliability. This JL Turbo Kit is a true bolt-on system that has been developed to work with your factory components and is virtually maintenance free. Our kit does not require any separate oiling to maintain optimal performance. Instead, the system is already integrated in your Jeep’s natural oil pattern.

The Jeep JL system comes standard with a large front mount intercooler to exchange the most heat possible. Lower intake air temperatures deliver supreme power over the competition without the need for costly XL upgrades. This Prodigy system features a Genuine Precision Turbo for maximum performance and reliability, A Genuine Tialsport Blow-off valve, Tialsport Wastegate, Prodigy Exclusive Full Mandrel Bent 304 Stainless Steel exhaust and intake tubing, Revolutionary HPTuners tuning hardware and software, a Genuine K&N filters and a variety of custom made top quality components. When you purchase a Prodigy Performance turbo kit, you can be sure you’re installing the highest quality power solution for your Jeep. 



Here is our incredible 3.6L JK turbo kit in action. The following race videos have been created solely to display the power you can expect from one of our kits. Our Jeep Wrangler Turbo Kit was NOT intended to turn your Jeep into a “Race Jeep”. However, being the performance enthusiasts that we are we feel this is one of the best ways to display power. Enjoy the following races where you’ll see videos of us walking away from Coyote powered Mustangs, Hemi powered Challengers, and even an All-Wheel Drive 6.4L Hemi SRT8! Stay tuned for our extensive JL video series. 


A common misconception is that you need high horsepower and torque on the low-end to off-road your Jeep Wrangler. WRONG! When you are off-roading, proper gearing and tire selection is key during the initial phase of the obstacle. As you ease into the to the throttle and the RPM builds when you need the power the most, the custom designed Prodigy Turbo System provides all the extra power that you need. Our system works in unison with the already amazing off-road performance of the Jeep Wrangler, not against it. Check out what one of customers says about it.


The big difference comes down to the incredible 8 speed auto transmission. Due to the 8 speeds of the transmission the JL Jeep performs even better than we ever expected. Virtually zero lag, as it is able to easily position the Jeep in the correct gear at all times because it has 8 forward gear speeds compared to the JK’s 5. The engine is also equipped with VTEC! That’s right, not only does the 3.6 Pentastar engine have variable valve timing, but it now has variable valve lift! Here’s how it works. 


Unlike our competitors where users claim they’ve received “noticeable gains,” you will be blown away by the performance and may truly find yourself with more than enough power than you may ever need. Here is a video of what to expect from a Prodigy Turbo System.

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This is your “Lack of Power” SOLUTION. Prodigy Performance is the Leader in Performance Power Adders. We have been building Jeep Wrangler Turbo Kits for 10+ years and currently hold all the world records for horsepower AND torque. Our Jeep Wrangler turbo kit includes a quality Precision turbocharger that is capable of producing up to 700hp. We utilize TialSport wastegates to precisely control boost levels, give you low turbo lag and fast spool times, and TialSport blow-off valves. All of the tubing is 304 stainless steel, CNC mandrel bent and TIG welded in a jig fixture. This ensures a proper fit every time. Prodigy takes pride in using only the highest quality parts available. This requires around 12-15 hours of labor for installation. Prodigy turbo systems include all components necessary to turbocharge your vehicle. Prodigy Performance advertises their shop vehicles in action. Results may vary, Prodigy does not guarantee anything besides the parts in the box for 12 months.

  • 12 month warranty from original date of purchase on all parts supplied by Prodigy Performance ONLY
  • Not for Sale in California
  • Designed and Sold for Off-road use only
  • Premium 91 or greater fuel is required! Do not use octane boosters or gasoline additives as a supplement!
  • Please ensure you have the PROPER GEAR RATIO for your vehicle’s tire set-up to maximize your kits potential
  • ECM unlock service is included with the purchase
  • ECM will need to be shipped to us to be unlocked and will be returned via next day air. 
  1. Precision Turbocharger
  2. Tial Wastegate
  3. Tial Blow-Off Valve
  4. HP Tuners MPVI-2
  5. K&N Air Filter
  6. MAP Sensor & Custom adapter
  7. Custom Intercooler
  8. 304 Stainless Steel Mandrel Bent TIG welded pipes
  9. Prodigy Turbo Blanket
  10. Turbo Bolt Assembly
  11. V-Band Clamp
  12. Fragola Oil Feed Line
  13. Turbo Gasket
  14. Turbo Drain & Feed Assembly
  15. Fully banded hose clamps
  16. Custom O2 Sensor Extensions
  17. Flow Matched Fuel Injectors
  18. Pre-cut Cooling hose
  19. Pre-cut Vacuum Hose Assembly
  20. Custom Turbo Drain Assembly
  21. Exhaust Bolt & Oil Source Assembly
  22. PCM unlocking service

1 review for Jeep JL Wrangler Turbo Kit

  1. Tony Castro

    Great bolt on turbo kit and really nice guys to deal with. We turned a stock JL Rubicon int a sleeper Mustang hunter in two days! Runs and drives great on the street and has passing power that will blow you away.
    Thanks again Todd for all your support and for representing a quality product.

    P.S. Give the guy who put together the installation manual a raise. I wish all the aftermarket products had such well detailed manuals!

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