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PRO-2002   2012 - 2018

Prodigy Turbo system 3.6L JK

prodigy 3.6L Stage 2 kit

Automatic / Manual



ADD 150RWHP that’s an INCREASE of +63% RWHP over stock!

ADD 120FTLBS TORQUE that’s an INCREASE of +56% RWTQ over stock!

Watch Dyno Video – Click Here

Prodigy Performance offers the best performing and highest quality forced induction kits for your Jeep Wrangler on the market. Quality is imperative when purchasing a power adder that will transform your vehicle from its original naturally aspirated operation to a forced induction system. We use only the highest of quality components in our kits after they have been thoroughly tested and proven to satisfy our quality standards. This is a true bolt-on system that has been developed to work seamlessly with your factory Wrangler. No other components, or modifications are required for the use of our kit. In addition, our system is virtually maintenance free. Our kit does not require any separate oiling to maintain optimal performance. Instead, the system is already integrated in your Jeep’s natural oil pattern.

The Prodigy 3.6L Wrangler Turbo kit comes complete with everything you need for a successful installation. Our system comes standard with a large front mount intercooler to exchange the most heat possible. Lowest intake air temperatures to deliver supreme power over the competition without the need for costly XL upgrades. Prodigy systems feature Genuine Precision Turbos, Tial Sport wastegates and blow-off valves, Revolutionary HPTuners tuning hardware, K&N filters and a variety of custom made top quality components like our mandrel bent TIG welded pipes. When you purchase a Prodigy Performance turbo kit, you can be sure you’re installing the highest quality power solution for your Jeep Wrangler. 

Even more power than an engine swap

The following race videos have been created solely to display the power you can expect from one of our kits. Our Jeep Wrangler Turbo Kit was NOT intended to turn your Jeep into a “Race Jeep”. However, being the performance enthusiasts that we are we feel this is one of the best ways to display power. Enjoy the following races where you’ll see videos of us walking away from Coyote powered Mustangs, Hemi powered Challengers, and even an All-Wheel Drive 6.4L Hemi SRT8!


A common misconception is that you need high horsepower and torque on the low-end to off-road your Jeep Wrangler. WRONG! When you are off-roading, proper gearing and tire selection is key during the initial phase of the obstacle. As you ease into the to the throttle and the RPM builds when you need the power the most, the custom designed Prodigy Turbo System provides all the extra power that you need. Our system works in unison with the already amazing off-road performance of the Jeep Wrangler, not against it. Check out what one of customers says about it.

Custom Tune

All kits will come with a custom written tune made in house by Prodigy Performance. Our experts lead the industry in Jeep tuning. Each tune will be managed and installed using a the all new revolutionary HPTuners MPVI2.  Not only will our tune support more power than any other performance modification on the market, we also take great pride in our unmatched power delivery, driveability, and reliability that comes standard with each tune. The end result is the ultimate Jeep driving experience, that can only be found in a Prodigy Performance turbo Jeep!


To accompany our color printed comprehensive, illustrated step by step manual. We have a series of 25+ videos available on our site as well as our YouTube channel. Between the manual and the videos all of your install questions can be answered. If not, just call (855)TURBO-JEEP (855-887-2653) and our tech team will be glad to assist you. Installation takes approximately 12 hours. Click HERE to view complete install videos

This is your “lack of power” solution

The Jeep Wrangler 3.6L turbo kit was designed to alleviate all of the struggle and uncertainty that comes with driving your Jeep on a daily basis. Fear of not having enough power to cut across an intersection, not being able to accelerate quick enough to merge onto the freeway, lack of power to pass a slow or unsafe motorist, or simply being able to cruise at speeds 70mph or greater with ease. These are real problems that deserve a real solution. Unlike our competitors where users claim they’ve received “noticeable gains,” you will be blown away by the performance and may truly find yourself with more than enough power than you may ever need.


**2015+ vehicles require a ECM unlock or unlocked ECM replacement Click Here

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(4 customer reviews)


Out of stock


Prodigy Performance Turbo system for the 3.6L JK wrangler 

4 reviews for Prodigy Turbo system 3.6L JK

  1. Gib C.

    “Prodigy Performance’s turbo kit is all they say it is, the power the placement and the way it fits is perfect. Since the installation and the tune they sent, I’ve had such a good time driving i’Il believe anyone thinking of turbo vs. hemi or LS. will not be disappointed . I love my turbo!!!”

  2. TY M

    “Wes and Mike at Prodigy are top notch guys. They know how to make huge power without breaking the bank! If you want more power in your Jeep don’t mess around and call these guys up! Outstanding customer service and knowledge. I would highly recommend them to anyone!

  3. Rodel R.

    “I purchased a 2015 JKUR and bought a Prodigy Stage 2 with Precision dual ceramic ball bearing. Let me tell you as a repeat customer from their first kits (bought a Stage 1 and upgraded to Stage 2 when it became available) through the testing and tuning process to where Prodigy is now…. LEAPS and BOUNDS! Now having their new turbo on my new Jeep for almost a year and a half, I can honestly say I am very pleased with the custom tune from Prodigy.The quality of the pipes and the TIG welding is second to none. This is a massive upgrade from their first kit(s) when they introduced the turbo kit for the Pentastar engine back in 2012/2013. Everything in the box is packaged and labeled, easy to read for a DIY weekend project. On their website they have a detailed step by step install video that is very helpful. You can skip through the different videos or follow along to each video step by step, depending on your mechanical knowledge. All the videos are in chronological order.

    My buddy and I were able to do it with just the basic tools over a weekend. It really is a complete bolt on kit! Prodigy sent me 1 tune and it is excellent right out of the box. Drivability is seamless if you have an automatic and plan on upgrading your tire size from stock. I’ve had 3 JK’s, a 2007 Unlimited Sahara (non turbo) sold, 2012 Unlimited Sport (Prodigy’s Garret Turbo stage 1, upgraded to Stage 2) sold, 2015 Unlimited Rubicon (Prodigy’s Precision Turbo Stage 2) currently have. Going forward, I don’t think I will ever have a JK that doesn’t have a Prodigy Kit on it. That’s my honest opinion. There really isn’t a way to describe the feeling you get when you have all the characteristics of a turbo spooling and that BOOST you feel under the hood of your modified JK with the doors and top off, hearing all the superb sounds around you in the open cabin of your jeep. It is a JOY to drive.”

  4. Chris B

    Prodigy Performance is top notch! The owner, the employees, the parts, the builds, the service, and everything in between is simply amazing. If you could rate them an 11 out of 10 I believe everyone would. One drive in one of their vehicles and you will realize their turbo system kit is the best for a Jeep. You could try to explore different options but you are never going to get the reliability factor down, the miles per gallon, the drive-ability, the amount of power, and everything to drive like a factory vehicle. The Jeep drives like a vehicle that came out of the factory until you give it a certain amount of gas. Words cannot really describe how perfect their setup is. If you have not met the owner or his right hand man, you really should. You can tell this is their passion and they are simply doing this because they love it. They are extremely professional in every way. Shout out to Dan for all of his help along the way. Thank you again to Wes for allowing me the opportunity to own such an amazing vehicle

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