Wilwood 140-14066 Big Brake Kit Rear

///Wilwood 140-14066 Big Brake Kit Rear

Wilwood 140-14066 Big Brake Kit Rear


WILWOOD 140-14066 JEEP WRANGLER Rear BRAKE KIT Forged Narrow Superlite 4R four piston calipers are combined with BP-10 compound pads and 13”-14” rotors in this group of big brake kits for custom high performance street and show machines. This group of specialized kits for cars, trucks, and SUV’s retain full use of the OE parking brake, master cylinder output, and ABS where used. FNSL4R rear kits provide complimentary style and performance with 13” and larger front brake upgrades in conjunction with wheel, tire, and suspension upgrades. Optional caliper finishes and rotor designs enable the builder to match style and performance on all applications. *This Brake Kit may fit 18-inch wheels. Please refer to the wheel clearance diagram to check to see if it will fit your specific wheel.


You’ve built, or are building, an awesome rig that performs the way you want YOUR Jeep to perform and look. Adding big wheels and tires, metal bumpers, body armor, winches, etc add weight and lots of it to your Jeep. From the factory your Jeep’s braking system was designed to stop a stock Jeep in a safe distance. Adding the weight, tire height, and lift kit have an effect on the stopping power of your custom rig – and it’s not good!. Add a Wilwwod Big Brake Kit to your Jeep and make your vehicle SAFER while you add the extra stopping power that comes from a 4 piston caliper brake kit. Choose from Red or Black calipers and slotted or slotted and drilled rotors to get the look you want.


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