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3.6L Pentastar Forged Internal Bundle

3.6L Pentastar Forged Internal Bundle

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Prodigy Performance is the only proven manufacturer to offer a forged internal bundle for the 3.6L Pentastar engine block. This bundle is a complete set of components needed to boost your motor's power to the max. We currently use this bundle to withhold big turbo boost on a Jeep Wrangler to produce over 600WHP. These products can be used for any forced induction application like Turbochargers or Superchargers. Prodigy Performance Pentastar Forged Internals bundle for the 3.6L  Stock bore includes:

-Diamond Pistons

-Carrillo Rods

-ARP Headstuds

This Product will fit all Gen 1 3.6L Pentastar engines. (Ram, Challenger, Charger Grand Cherokee, Wrangler)

If you are looking for Huge Power with over 600 Wheel Horsepower, look no further! This bundle allows your 3.6 Pentastar engine to hold even more boost.

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