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Dodge Challenger Twin Turbo Kit

Dodge Challenger Twin Turbo Kit

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Everything you need to add over 200 hp in 1 day

Prodigy Performance offers the best performing and highest quality forced induction systems for your Dodge Challenger on the market. Quality is imperative when purchasing any power adder that will transform your vehicle to Forced Induction. Each component is subjected to a rigorous testing process. This ensures flawless performance and integrates seamlessly to your vehicle. Certainly our attention to detail ensures that you get only the best components that work perfectly for your Dodge Challenger for maximum power output. This is a true bolt-on system that has been developed around a stock Dodge Challenger. As a result no other components, modifications or fabrications are required when installing the Prodigy Challenger Twin Turbo Kit.

The system is maintenance free. Meaning, it does not require any separate oiling to maintain optimal performance. Instead, we use your Dodge Challenger’s natural oil pattern to lubricate the necessary components. The Prodigy Performance Challenger Twin Turbo kit begins with custom designed Precision Turbo Performance two ball-bearing water-cooled turbochargers. These turbochargers are rated at 450HP EACH! Genuine K&N filters allows our system to breathe much easier when transforming your Challenger into a menacing beast. Speaking of air flow, our mandrel bent, TIG welded pipes are of the highest quality 304 Stainless Steel. Smooth flow is good and so is cool air, so we integrated our Front-Mounted Intercooler to exchange the most heat possible. All these high-end components are driven to perform with the provided Prodigy Custom Tune.

We utilize the revolutionary HP tuners MPVI-2 to deliver incredible driveability and huge power without sacrificing reliability. When you purchase a Prodigy Performance Challenger Twin Turbo System, you can be sure you're installing the best top-quality performance components money can buy.


There are numerous reasons why you should turbocharge your Challenger over supercharging or opting for the notorious Dodge Challenger SRT 392. To begin, SRT 392 will run you about $20,000 more than the less impressive V6 Challenger. Granted you don't get all the SRT additional goodies but you have a whole lot less initial investment and a SXT Plus has a lot of standard features. Now if the initial cost doesn't get your attention then your monthly car insurance bills just might. Typically, you can expect a double in insurance rates solely based on the big V8 engine that comes standard with the Dodge Challenger SRT.


This Prodigy Performance Dodge Challenger Twin Turbo Kit is in a league of its own. Those of you who are familiar with our Jeep Wrangler Turbo System are already aware that we prioritize quality. The Best Quality parts are used in our systems. It is imperative that prior to releasing our products proper tuning must be conducted in order to produce optimal results. Pull after pull on our dyno, small adjustments are made prioritizing reliability, drivability, power delivery, and performance. It is not until full satisfaction is met that we unveil our creation.

Well the results are in, we are proud to say that we have managed to push 506HP at the wheels! At this power level 11 second 1/4 mile times are certainly attainable.

That's substantially more power than the SRT, faster track times, better fuel economy, lower insurance expenses and you'll save $$.


Prodigy Performance Turbo Systems come with our custom tune developed by our engineering team to deliver unmatched power and performance. While maintaining your vehicles drivability and reliability. Each tune is managed and installed using the latest HP Tuners MPVI2. Hptuners VCM Suite is for tune modification, Data logging, Resetting adaptive,etc. The results are an ultimate turbocharged driving experience! This is exclusive to the Prodigy Performance Turbo System!

PCM Modification is INCLUDED!



We are currently accepting pre-orders for anyone interested in turning their V6 Challenger into a Twin Turbocharged menace. Please call 1.855.TURBOJEEP

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